Ergonomic Crutches
   Ergonomic Crutches | Assisted Mobility

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Modifications over the normal ergonomic crutch-these modifications include a battery-operated light source, a horn and a circuit that controls the light and the horn. Yet another modification includes a support arm that is attached to the base of the handle. This, not only adds to the comfort of the device, but is also equipped with a connecting bar that can be slided externally outwards. This bar provides seating support of sorts for the user. Newer models possess features that convert the crutch into a two leg chair. Naturally, the user can find a place to rest with ease. The shock absorbers are features that are unique to these crutches, thus adding to reliability and comfort. The flexible handle is yet another eminent feature of the crutch.

Many choose ergonomically made crutches over conventional crutches-ergonomically structured crutches are strong and provide a great level of comfort to the user, unlike the other conventional crutches. The prime credit goes to the seat feature that has been successfully integrated into the crutch, a feat that has been achieved by the unique ergonomic design of these crutches.

Yet another outstanding feature is the provision of the forearm or underarm contraptions, adjustable handle and shock absorbing features in the handle. Shock absorbers are present at the foot of the crutch and in the forearm cuff. Shock absorbers are independently placed at the handle and the cushion of the forearm cuff. All these features make this crutch extremely comfortable. These crutches are known to provide greater safety and comfort. It is inexpensive and easy to manufacture. These crutches are free of maintenance costs and retain its effectiveness for a long time.
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